【VR】SCOOP VR 2周年記念特別企画!!超リアルVRピンサロ体験HQ特別版!!都内No.1の最強ピンサロ店に完全潜入!ランキング上位の嬢を独占!1対1あり、ハーレムコースありの超長尺350分!さらに嬢とのアフターお約束SEX特典付き!
[VR] A SCOOP VR A Second-Year Anniversary Variety Special!! An Ultra-Real VR Pink Salon Experience High-Quality Special Edition!! We're Totally Going Undercover At The Pink Salon With The Strongest Sales Record In The City! An Exclusive Good Time With The No.1 Girl! You'll Get One-On-One Action, Harlem Course Action, In An Ultra Long-Length 350 Minutes Of Fun! And You'll Also Get A Promise For Some After Hours Sex With Special Features!